Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 18, 2020

HIDROSOPH is a company that specialises in developing, applying and providing decision-making services and technologies for agricultural and other activities related to crop production, particularly those which involve irrigation. The aim is to optimise the use of resources and to improve the sustainability of the operations carried out by customers and users, driven by a strong environmental concern. For this purpose, HIDROSOPH is committed to developing the most advanced technology and software, integrating the most innovative, cutting-edge research through the establishment of new partnerships.

In the entirety of its activity, HIDROSOPH and its partners undertake to protect the personal data of the customers and users who benefit from their products and services. As a result, this Privacy and Security Policy has been prepared and written in a format that is simple and easy to understand, in order to ensure the exercise of the legitimate rights of the Data Subjects.

1 - About us

HIDROSOPH was founded in 2008 with the aim of simplifying and making available to the largest number of users the knowledge accumulated throughout more than 20 years of use of precision agriculture principles and technologies.

HIDROSOPH’s founders have backgrounds in engineering, agriculture, hydraulics, statistics, information technology, as well as a high degree of international experience. Everyone shares the same environmental concerns and believes that, together, they can make a difference in the world.

HIDROSOPH uses its own methodology for Smart Irrigation Management - Hidrovolution™, which is supported by the Irristrat™ software, a complete irrigation management support system.

In performing its activity, HIDROSOPH, as the controller, collects, stores, organises, consults, archives, processes, protects and deletes the Personal Data provided by their Customers, mainly through and after registering and through the information downloaded from the Irristrat™ software platform, where the Customers have the right to be informed about the manner and the purposes for which their Personal Data are processed through this Privacy and Security Policy.

HIDROSOPH fully undertakes to comply with and respect the privacy as well as to ensure the protection and security of all the Personal Data collected and stored, making sure that all processing is done in a manner that prevents their loss, misuse, alteration or unauthorised processing, in accordance with Regulation no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter “GDPR”).

HIDROSOPH respects the best practices in the matter of personal data security and protection and undertakes to continuously update and implement technical and organisational measures for complying with the rules of confidentiality of the personal data, ensuring their use and processing for the purposes as contracted herein, as well as the exercise of the rights conferred to the data subjects, such as the right to information, to rectification, to object and to restriction, among other rights pursuant to law.

2 - Scope of application

This Privacy and Security Policy shall apply to all Personal Data directly or indirectly processed by HIDROSOPH, including the Personal Data that are downloaded or shared through the software platform Irristrat™, for the Customer to be able to benefit from specific services provided by HIDROSOPH.

For the processing of the Personal Data, HIDROSOPH may specifically define special privacy and security policies with the aim of improving, developing or specifying aspects related to the processing of these Personal Data for the purposes stated or for new purposes that may subsequently be developed or promoted by HIDROSOPH.

Such sectoral privacy and security policies will be made known to the Data Subjects and Customers of HIDROSOPH through the means previously agreed and provided for by law.

The Data Controller is:

Hidrosoph Lda.

Head office: Rua Hermes da Fonseca Vermelho, 43 A, 7005-401 Évora.

You may contact HIDROSOPH about any questions concerning this Privacy and Security Policy by means of the following contact details of the Data Protection Officer:

Email address:;

Phone number: 00 (351) 266 741 253

Registered post with acknowledgement of receipt to the address Rua Hermes da Fonseca Vermelho, 43 A, 7005-401 Évora.

HIDROSOPH, as Data Controller, may, in certain specific cases, subcontract the processing of Personal Data to third parties – the subject-matter of the sectoral privacy and security policy – to act as Processors, always ensuring the rights and safeguards of the Data Subjects and the compliance of the aforementioned Processors with the applicable contractual, legal and regulatory obligations.

3 - Categories of personal data

The personal data subject to processing by HIDROSOPH are the following:

- Contact details (phone number, mobile number, email address, postal address);

- External identification data (name, tax identification number);

- Financial data (all data pertaining to bank accounts, bank cards, basic bank account number for purposes of purchasing available products);

- Personal data for statistical purposes (assessment of customers and users’ consumption and communication of promotional marketing activities).

- External personal data for GPS tracking (for purposes of finding the location where the irrigation management support services or other services available in the Irristrat™ software are to be applied or provided).

All Personal Data collected are adequate, limited and relevant in relation to each purpose described for which they are processed.

HIDROSOPH processes your Personal Data by automatic and/or manual means for each purpose described above, scrupulously observing each principle of lawfulness of processing – express, explicit and informed consent by the Customer for purposes of statistical and promotional marketing, GPS tracking and management of the contractual relation with respect to collecting contact details and financial data.

4 - Storage and maintenance of Personal Data

HIDROSOPH maintains and/or stores the Personal Data collected for purposes of management and maintenance of the contractual relation with the Customer or Irristrat™ software platform user, as well as for carrying out promotional marketing practices, communicating new products and services and for statistical purposes.

In addition, HIDROSOPH uses the Personal Data of their Customers and Irristrat™ software platform users in order to develop their activities, ensure the management and maintenance of their contractual relation and the subsequent compliance with legal and contractual obligations, particularly:

a) Recording images of the customer’s location;

b) Managing business and financial relations with customers;

c) Managing and promoting the marketing activities of the company;

d) Managing data for statistical purposes, storing the consumption history for internal assessment.

5 - Communication and sharing of Personal Data

HIDROSOPH grants third-party Processors access to the Personal Data of the Data Subjects for purposes of providing the services required for the management and maintenance of the Irristrat™ software platform, particularly granting access to the location of the Customer and user in order to ensure that accurate information is provided and made available, in real time, or for purposes of carrying out promotional marketing activities related to its products and services.

To this effect, HIDROSOPH, in compliance with its legal and regulatory obligations, requires that their third-party processors or partners comply with and apply the same measures implemented by HIDROSOPH and that they undertake to take all the necessary precautions given the nature of the personal data and the risks associated with the type of processing, with the intent to protect the security of the personal data and, specially, to prevent their distortion, corruption and unauthorised third-party access.

6 - Processors

HIDROSOPH grants third-party Processors access to the Personal Data of the Data Subjects, their Customers and users, for purposes of providing the services required for the management and maintenance of the Irristrat™ software platform and other marketing or statistical services.

To this effect, HIDROSOPH, in compliance with its contractual, legal and regulatory obligations, requires that their third-party processors or partners undertake to take all the necessary precautions given the nature of the personal data and the risks associated with the type of processing, with the intent to protect the security of the personal data and to prevent their unauthorised third-party access.

7 - Period of storage of Personal Data

The Personal Data processed by HIDROSOPH are stored and retained for a period considered strictly necessary for the purposes for which they are collected, according to the terms, conditions and procedures provided for in this Privacy Policy or in any special sectoral privacy policy which may subsequently be approved by HIDROSOPH.

The Personal Data are always deleted or anonymised following the express and autonomous request to that effect by the Data Subject, unless the Personal Data collected must be maintained for purposes of compliance with any legal obligation or for the legitimate interests pursued by HIDROSOPH. In the event of inactivity or abandonment of an account or an Irristrat ™ platform connected to a customer or user for a period longer than five years, HIDROSOPH shall promote the maintenance of the account, following an individual notification sent to the user, or the deletion of the personal data provided.

8 - Transfer of personal data

HIDROSOPH and the Processors/Partners shall carry out the full processing of the Personal Data of the Data Subjects within the European Union and no international transfer of such Personal Data is foreseen.

9 - Liability of the customers and users

The Data Subjects undertake to use the Irristrat™ software platform and the services available through the website in a prudent a diligent way, avoiding the unauthorised access to their Personal Data, maintaining full confidentiality over their password and personal information connected to their account and platform registration.

HIDROSOPH advises all Data Subjects to adopt the necessary security measures, including ensuring the maintenance of their equipment (mobile phones, tablets and related devices), updating and setting up software, as well as implementing any security procedure against malicious software.

Where the Data Subject or any other user of the platform provides false or inaccurate information to HIDROSOPH, HIDROSOPH shall not be liable for any contents that link to other pages the contents or services of which may be considered unlawful, harmful, defamatory or contrary to the public policy.

10 - Rights of the Data Subjects

Every Data Subject may, if he so wishes, at any moment and, as a rule, free of charge – according to the legislation in force – exercise their rights to access, rectification and erasure of their Personal Data or, additionally, depending on the processing and where applicable, the right to restriction or to object to data processing and portability.

For the processing of Personal Data which requires the express, explicit and informed consent of the Data Subject, the Data Subject also has the right to, at any moment, withdraw such consent, upon request in writing by the Data Subject. The consent will be withdrawn or revoked by HIDROSOPH in a timely manner, provided that the Personal Data are not necessary for any purpose provided for in the GDPR, such as for compliance with a legal or contractual obligation.

Every right should be exercised through any of the following means:

a) Email address:;

b) Registered post with acknowledgement of receipt to the address: Rua Hermes da Fonseca Vermelho, n.º 43 A, 7005-206 Évora;

Phone number: 00 (351) 266 741 253

HIDROSOPH, their Processors and Partners shall scrupulously observe every mandatory right to information provided for in the applicable legislation and within the scope of the contractual relations established between HIDROSOPH and the Data Subjects.

HIDROSOPH, as well as their Processors and Partners, shall comply with the time periods necessary and legally required for the performance and conclusion of all the necessary procedures resulting from the exercise of the rights by the Data Subjects.

HIDROSOPH reserves the right to exercise, in accordance with its legal and regulatory liability, every right of exception provided for in the applicable legislation for the full exercise of the rights of the Data Subjects.

In any case, where the Data Subject considers that their rights have been violated or have not been safeguarded, he may lodge a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission.

11 - Mandatory nature of the Personal Data requested

The Personal Data Subject is obliged to fill the personal data fields properly indicated in the forms provided by HIDROSOPH through the Irristrat™ software platform in order to fulfil the purposes established or to comply with legally required obligations.

Where the Data Subject does not provide their Personal Data, Hidrosoph will not be able to provide or perform their services and to fulfil the Data Subject’s request.

12 - Protection and security measures

HIDROSOPH has adopted several technical, structural and organisational security measures in order to protect the Personal Data that are made available to us against their disclosure, corruption, misuse or unlawful use by unauthorised third parties, unauthorised access or transmission, as well as against any other type of unlawful processing.

As such, filling any form requires an encrypted login session and all the Personal Data provided or made available are stored in HIDROSOPH’s systems in a safe manner, covered by adequate security and privacy measures.

13 - Use of information

HIDROSOPH has access to data about the equipment used by the Data Subject and the users of the Irristrat™ software platform.

These data are related to readings recorded by sensors and automatically sent to the company’s servers, manual records of field information, pictures and images uploaded by the user, irrigation and/or fertilisation records, information and limitations on plots and cultures, as well as mobile phone and email address details in cases where the users have entered additional contact details to receive alarms and messages from the system.

Additionally, the monitoring of browsing patterns, origins and characteristics can be included in this group of data. The Platform uses Cookies (a “cookie” is a small data file transferred by a website onto your computer’s hard drive) for purposes of monitoring browsing patterns, origins and characteristics. By using this technology, it is possible to assess the usefulness and relevance of the Platform’s Website with the aim of improving it.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies. However, it is possible to set your browser to reject all cookies or to notify you when a cookie is being sent. The cookies installed on your computer may be eliminated at any moment through your browser. Rejecting the use of cookies may limit some website features, as well as the variety of solutions, features or services that can be made available to the user at his request.

14 - Applicable law

This privacy and security policy was prepared and is subject in its entirety to the existing Portuguese legislation and to the GDPR.

15 - Changes to the Privacy and Security Policy

HIDROSOPH reserves the right to change this privacy and security policy or any terms and conditions of sectoral privacy and security policies, always in compliance with the applicable national and community legislation.

16 - Consent

HIDROSOPH respects the best practices in the matter of personal data protection and security, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation in force, and undertakes to be compliant with it, to safeguard the confidentiality of the data collected and to use them only for the purposes for which they were collected. By accessing our platform, you agree to our Privacy Policy and to the terms and conditions of use of the Irristrat platform. We advise you to carefully read this Policy before giving your consent